Upcoming Events

Heritage Festival of Saskatoon

The 2021 Heritage Festival of Saskatoon will be a virtual event this year. It will be held on March 20 and 21. Our special Festival Page will be launched in the near future.

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be held virtually on March 7, at 2 pm in the afternoon via Zoom. If you would like to be invited, and are not currently a member, please send your request by email to fffh@shaw.ca to obtain log on information.

Walking Tours and Open House

Walking Tours and Open House Events are cancelled till COVID19 restrictions are lifted.

Jane's Walk is typically held the first weekend in May. All guided walks are cancelled because of COVID19 restrictions. The Friends of the Forestry Farm House have created a virtual walk for this occasion. Visit janeswalksaskatoon.ca to access our walkinthepark pdf to take along on your walk.

Arbor Week is May 28 to June 6, a great time for a Walk in the Park. The end of May is an excellent time to take in the flowering crab apples in the park. There are a couple of great flowering ones in the main parking lot and also in the Meditation Garden and Heritage Rose Garden. Take a walk in the park, download your pdf from the Jane's Walk website listed above.

Photo credit: Koren Vangool