In Memoriam

From time to time we become aware of someone's passing who has a connection to our organization or the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo. This is not an all-inclusive list but we try to remember.

Margaret 'Ruth' Robinson 1939-2021, In August 2021, we lost a long-time member and volunteer Ruth Robinson. Always ready to lend a hand, Ruth was passionate about heritage, and supportive of the work to preserve and interpret the Superintendent’s Residence at the Forestry Farm. Her enthusiasm and dedication to many community causes was legendary in Saskatoon.

Stephen Stade, The Friends of the Forestry Farm House lost a special man in our lives on February 12, 2019, when Stephen Stade died of complications related to early onset Alzheimer's.

Helen Logan 1918-2016, Helen passed away on July 23, 2016. She was born Helen Virginia Staflund on June 7, 1918 on a farm near Holmes city, Minnesota. Her family moved to Canada in 1927. She attended 'Normal School' in Saskatoon, obtaining her teaching certificate in 1938. Helen taught for many years, taking a break to have her children. She was an early supporter and member of the Friends of the Forestry Farm House.

Katherine Husky 1910-2016, Kate Husky passed away on May 6, 2016 at Sherbrooke Community Centre at the age of 105 years. She spent many decades working at the Forestry Farm where she applied her passion for gardening. The Friends of the Forestry Farm House were privileged to interview Mrs. Husky about her time at the Forestry Farm. Audio recordings of her interview are in our archives.

Lynn Sterling McLean, died on March 19, 2016. Lynn was the grandson of James McLean. He and his partner Joan Parkins were supporters of the Friends of the Forestry Farm house. After his passing Joan donated books and artifacts, that at one time had resided at the Superintendent's Residence.

Arlean McPherson, a first cousin once removed of James McLean, the first Superintendent of the Sutherland Forest Nursery, (Arlean's father Alex McPherson and James McLean were first cousins), died July 3, 2015. Arlean was the local history librarian for the Saskatoon Public Library and later also worked for Agriculture Canada and was responsible for the library at the Research Station. Her book 'The Battlefords: A History' was published in 1967.

Muriel Bremner, died August 14, 2014. Muriel was a long-time member. She was a quiet person but was always happy to participate in our events and particularly our AGM's. She and her husband Ron, often provided us with postage for our mail-outs.

Ann Friske, passed away March 27, 2014. Ann lived in Sutherland and worked for both the Sutherland Forest Nursery Station under Les Kerr and the Forestry Farm Park. She often attended events to meet up with former colleagues.

Ruth Speiser, November 16, 2013, was a long-time member and friend, and as an accountant was willing to look our yearly financial statement to make sure everything was in order. She was always faithful to attend events and AGM's until her health kept her away.

Terrance Beebe, August 26, 2013, was on of our earliest supporters and always encouraged us in our mutual affection for heritage buildings.

Dr. Ronald Bremner, one of our long-time members passed away on October 21, 2011. Ron and his wife Muriel moved to Saskatoon in 1954. He was a founding member of the Saskatoon Nature Society and its first president. He and Muriel were strong supporters of Meewasin, the Zoo Society, the Saskatoon Heritage Society, and the Marr Residence. Ron and Muriel were faithful supporters of Friends of the Forestry Farm House and Events and Ron always attended our Annual Meetings.

Neil Grant McLean 1948-2008, Grant was the grandson of the first Superintendent, James McLean. He was a big supporter of the Friends of the Forestry Farm House, attending our fundraisers and speaking at our grand opening.

Pat Adams, a long time active supporter of the Friends of the Forestry Farm House lost the long battle against cancer September 21, 2002. Pat had many community interests and we are grateful for her energy and enthusiasm towards the Residence.

Don Irvine, former Friends of the Forestry Farm House board member and an active member of the heritage community at large succumbed to cancer in June 2001.