Neil McLean 1909-1991

Neil Harvey McLean was born December 27, 1909 in Zealandia.

'In 1934, Neil McLean was a schoolteacher in Forgan, Saskatchewan. In 1936 he was principal of the school in Anglia, SK. That summer he had traveled to California. By 1937, he was spending time in Vancouver, but hadn't applied to teach again after three years of teaching because teacher's weren't receiving their salaries. The following year he was still traveling, visiting New York City, and stopping for several months during the winter at his sister's home in Arlington Virginia.'

Information gleaned from letters James McLean wrote to Lachlan McLean, found on the website.

Neil McLean returned to Zealandia in 1939 and took over the family farming operation. He married Myrtle Larson from Forgan in 1940 and they settled on the homestead in Zealandia. They had three boys, Lynn, Ross and Grant. Neil McLean suffered a stroke in the early seventies, at which time Lynn McLean took over the farming operation.

Neil McLean passed away in Saskatoon on March 1st, 1991.

Myrtle McLean, born 1913, died in Saskatoon March 18, 2007.